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How to Survive Getting a Master of Business Administration

Going through school at any age or point in your life is going to be taxing. You will likely be mentally and physically stressed and feel like you don’t have any friends outside your program anymore.

No one can really help you shoulder the weight of the information overload you will need to know for your exams. It is a stressful time in your life, but there are some ways to help you navigate your experience getting your master of business administration in Louisiana. Here are some things that can help you have a better experience while furthering your education.

Meal Plan

When you think of meal planning, you probably don’t think that it is something that you have time for in your busy school schedule, but planning ahead will actually save you time and keep you eating healthy. It is very important that you have a healthy diet while you are studying. Your brain is like a muscle and it takes quite a bit of energy to exercise it. This energy has to come from somewhere, and preferably the source of your energy isn’t limited to hamburgers from fast food places. Eating food that is high in sugar and fat will drain you of energy and make it very hard to stay up to study for your exams.

If you set aside two hours each week–one hour for meal planning, and one for grocery shopping–you will supply yourself with healthy meals that will keep you going all the time. You will also save a lot of money by fixing meals yourself. On the weekend, you can spend a minimal amount of time chopping vegetables and fruits to use throughout the week that will keep you feeling great. Don’t worry about fixing meals taking too long. It takes about the same amount of time to fix an omelet as it does to sit in the line for the drive thru.

Schedule All Hours

When you are getting your MBA, you probably feel like you never have a minute to yourself to just relax. However, if you schedule your time wisely you will be able to insert little breaks to make you feel like you are getting a lot done and relaxing at the same time. Fall into a healthy routine and schedule every hour of the day. Allow yourself 15 minutes of relaxing time for every hour of studying. This could be getting a snack, watching viral cat videos, or just resting your eyes. If you feel you are in a good studying groove, then forego the break and add it to another break later. If you schedule eight hours of pure studying, you will immediately become overwhelmed and it is more difficult to study while you are stressed.

Time for Friends

For a well-balanced life, you need to have some time to spend in social activities. You probably have several encounters with people every day in your MBA program as well as at work, if you have a job during school. However, these aren’t particularly good environments for having a fun social activity. Make time to go out with your friends or spend time with your family. Even if you are stressed about an upcoming exam or research assignment, it will be a good way to escape. It is important that you use all different areas of your brain. If your logical side of your brain is working on overdrive, give it a break and let your creative side rule for a few hours. Go hiking, take a pottery class, or discuss art with your friends at a local museum. Whatever your passion used to be before your life was ruled by your master of business administration in Louisiana, take some time to devote your hours to that.