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Health Supplement for men and women

Health supplements

Health supplements are extra substitutes of essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other herbal products which we usually lack in our diet due to various reasons. Thesehealth supplements are either formulated in various forms like pills, energy bars, capsule, tablets, powders, drinks or syrup.

These health supplements are not substitute for food but only as add on. These health supplements are widely available in chemist shops, food stores and online health stores. In US many adults take these supplements on daily basis. Today’s life has become very hectic and fast, where we usually tend to sacrifice our balance diet and eat unhealthy fast food, in these conditions one needs to cope up with requirements of essential components of food which can be compensated by taking healthsupplements. In other cases, people even though have proper diet feel deficit to these supplements and are prescribed by the health care provider. For e.g. during pregnancy women are usually prescribed with iron tablets along wih usual diet. Multivitamins pills are popularized in these days to suffice all the needs in one go.

Health supplements:  Women

Women need various supplements for proper functioning of the body. There are varioushealth supplements which include Iron, calcium , magnesium, folate, biotin, vitamins(vitamin A, C and B complexes), Omega-3- fatty acids etc. some of the most important healthsupplements for women and their benefits are:

– Iron: Iron is most important supplement for the body and is required for building of red blood cells, improving immunity and growth. Lack of iron can lead to anaemia, lethargy and weakness. One can suffice the need of iron by eating food like fish, cereals, and dark green leafy vegetables. But in any case, if these food are unable to replenish the iron requirements of the body the health care provider would prescribe you with ferrous sulphatesupplement.

– Calcium: Calcium is important for building bones and teeth. These are most required when you age or during postmenopausal stage. The density of bone decreases and can lead to osteoporosis. One can get calcium from milk, cheese, yogurt and leafy vegetables like broccoli. Calcium tablets are prescribed in postmenopausal women to suffice the need of calcium
– Magnesium: Magnesium is important for nerve and muscle functioning. It helps in regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels. One gets magnesium from okra, beans, whole grains and nuts.

– Vitamin A: This vitamin plays a big role in maintaining good eye sight. Leafy vegetables, tomato, dairy food, fish can provide vitamin A.

Similarly other micro nutrients like folic acid, biotin, Vitamin B, Vitamin C help in normal body functioning.

Health supplements: Men

Health supplements are equally important for men. There are three main supplements that men need for smooth body functioning, which include magnesium, Omega-3-fatty acids, and Vitamin D.

– Magnesium: Magnesium is important for metabolism and regulation of blood pressure. One can get magnesium from vegetables, beans, leafy vegetables and nuts. One needs 3mg/ pound of body weight to maintain the body, which can be additionally taken as a pill if not able to suffice it from food.

– Vitamin D: Important for improving immune system and prevention of diseases. Vitamin D is most important for absorption of calcium in the bones. Vitamin D can be obtained from Sunlight but due to less exposure to sun these days, one needs to take these as supplements.

– Omega-3-fatty acids: This component helps in preventing heart disease and improves brain functioning. Fish consumption or fish oil can be a great source. But for vegetarians, one can opt for supplements in the form of capsules.

It is good to supplement the diet with these healthy micro nutrients to maintain body functioning. But these should be taken when prescribed by health care provider and should not be over used.